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CurbedWire: Williamsburg 'Toxic Lot' Anxiety Rising

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WILLIAMSBURG?We've been getting emails and photos of the former parking lot at N. 11 Street and Bedford Avenue that's scheduled to become an eight story Karl Fischer building with 180 units. In a word, people are curious about the building going up there, but they're more worried about the urban legends about the site's toxicity. Most recently it was a paint factory and the site requires a cleanup. One reader writes: "Friends of mine who looked into the property where told that in order to build there would have to be extensive reclamation work involving covering the entire site and shipping out the toxic foundation, etc. Well, now they are building there and there is no sign of any such work and in fact they seem to be digging up the foundation piling it on the site and covering it with blue tarps, often taking breaks to water down the pile. Yesterday they brought in gravel and covered a particular section they had dug up. This morning trucks started rolling in to take it out. My wife called to 311 and they were pretty uninterested in hearing about it including the fact that half the workers are not wearing hard hats (this after all the revelations about the DOB's incompetence protecting workers) They thought our concern was petty even when we expressed our fear that it was indicative of other safety violations?!?"

The reader continues with his interesting description of the goings on at one of the Burg's most mysterious properties: "This just doesn't look like any other construction site I've ever seen (I can see about 5 currently from my roof, ah Williamsburg) Steel piles seemingly placed at random and that strange last one which it seems they couldn't get all the way in...that's when they stopped doing that and switched to their current task., and the beginnings of a foundation on the NE corner. Guy taking off the tarp and hosing down the pile. (There always seems to someone doing that as they work.) The front end loader is taking dirt from each pile and then dumping in the truck (which is actually a container not a dumptruck?)

My paranoid take? They are mixing the toxic foundation with regular dirt taking it away and dumping it somewhere. Seriously something very odd is going on." [CurbedWire Inbox]