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Brooklyn's Jail with Retail Draws Serious Flack

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The press event that the growing opposition to the reopening and enlargement of the Brooklyn House of Detention had been planning went off yesterday, and it provided an opportunity for them to blast the city's plan. How it will effect the $440 million redevelopment is unclear, as the city says it intends to pick a developer by the end of next month. A spokesperson for the StopBHOD group, which has been plastering the Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill and Carroll Gardens with anti-jail fliers, said the city is "trying to railroad it through without going through the process." The jail at Atlantic Ave. & Smith Street was closed in 2003, and it's increasingly surrounded by luxe condo and other development. The city wants to reopen, double its capacity and add retail at street level. It may hold the distinction of being one of the few properties in the development-sensitive neighborhoods that residents actually want to see sold to a developer for a big condo or rental building.
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