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Fun With Pie Charts: FiDi Swallowing Lower Manhattan

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According to a report prepared by Community Board 1 and relayed via the Downtown Express, by 2013, the Financial District?that little residential enclave that could?will have surpassed all other Lower Manhattan neighborhoods in terms of population. It is estimated that FiDi will have more than doubled its population from the census count in 2000, to somewhere around 28,000 people. Not that this is a shocker, given all the new condo construction and residential conversions of office buildings in the wake of 9/11, but any time Tribeca comes in last place in something, it's worth mentioning. Not all are happy about FiDi's population boom, however. One CB1er told the Villager, "We liked it when it was quiet and no one lived down there." Luckily she stopped short of saying, "If only bin Laden hadn't gotten developers all those tax incentives!"
· The new Downtown: Nearly half will live in FiDi [Downtown Express]