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The Mystery Behind Parker's Puny Porcine Portals

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The silliness over truffles seems endless, and developer Jack Parker has only added to the nonsense with the recent addition of some very teeny and oddly-placed openings on his black 'n' bulky development down at 450 Washington Street. No doubt we've all heard of doggy doors, but piggy portals are new to us. Perhaps swine must be free to roam. After all, an ungulate's return from late night wanderings might become bothersome to the hog's housemates. Maybe we're confusing their boar-ish behavior with the actions of those involved in another downtown menagerie. Is there some allusion to a sow's ear that we could toss in here? A mention of a pig's snout would at least bring us full circle. But enough said for now. We'll open that door when we come to it.

450 Washington getting its clad on, with piggy portals lining the south facade.

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