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41-43 Bond's Landmarks-Approved Limestone Revealed

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A new project right in the middle of Bond Street, 2007's block-of-the-year, now has the honor of becoming the first Landmark-approved building since that expensive stretch of street was added to the NoHo Historic District a few months back. 41-43 Bond is a design by architect Steven Harris and is a classic eight stories of simple limestone with white bronze shutters. The project is bankrolled by owner-mogul Adam Gordon, who has surmounted any number of problems at this site. He's now put the pedal to the metal and is ready to build. On June 24 DOB gave Approval to the application to combine the two zoning lots, but disapproved the new building plan. Have no fear. The way this project is now moving there's little doubt that the Harris - Gordon team will get those wrinkles ironed out and things will be rising here in no time. All the details, including canopies and flower boxes, not to mention a rear wall of glass, come by way of our roving reporter at CB2 and the pages of City Realty.
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41 Bond Street

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