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New Chaos Tower-ette Slotted for 56 Spring

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A new 7-story mini-tower housing a mere 5 condos will soon rise at 56 Spring. This one is sited on a street which offers everything from assiette de fromages all the way to zeppole, with assorted other things in between. This wee tower shows some facade switcheroo, which appears to be inspired by a Gravitram or possibly a Space Warp and comes from the mind of architect Arpad Baksa. It will nestle up next to 225 Lafayette Street, home of the $100,000 closet. Both are just east of the always busy intersection of Lafayette and Spring, down where Soho meets Nolita meets Little Italy meets Chinatown. The back side of 56 Spring will butt up against some terrific little gardens, hidden behind two old brick walkups facing onto Cleveland Place, one of which was sadly mauled and decapitated last summer. That broken bit of brickage is piled just across from the forlorn Lieutenant Petrosino Square, where recently ground was broken for a much-needed makeover. All said, whoever ends up residing at 56 Spring won't be able to complain about a lack of options, food or otherwise.
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