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Here's Brooklyn 'Resort Living,' Including Temporary PriceChop

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We were taken by the idea of the temporary PriceChopper when the Toll Brothers did it in Long Island City at 5SL, but we're totally mesmerized by it in the case of Mill Harbor. Not just the $50,000 off sale, but the entire development, which is in Bergen Beach in Southern Brooklyn and is billing itself as Brooklyn's first gated community, offering "resort living" with "Manhattan-type amenities" and "European-inspired residences." Here's the email that put Mill Harbor on the radar screen:

Clothing sales. Shoe sales. Real estate sales. A real estate sale? Yes, you read right. Mill Harbor, the very FIRST gated community in Brooklyn, started a one-week sale on June 2 to complement its overall marketing campaign to alert the public to its fabulous luxury-style homes. Prices are reduced by a whopping $50,000-- this will enable an even wider selection of potential, qualified home owners to purchase luxury-style homes with Manhattan-type amenities.
Prices (pre-discount) range from under $400K to $750K and, yes, there's a 2BR listed for $399,000. (The discount is only on units above $400K.) Prices go back up on June 10, so hurry.
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