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CurbedWire: Hot Harlem Mess, As the Sheffield Turns

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HARLEM?Every now and then, we like to see some photos of real estate anti-porn, just to cleanse the palate. Which leads us to the above. Writes a tipster, "Speculators in Harlem continue to hold onto burnt out brownstones in the hope that the prices for these shells will continue to move skyward (buying a shell for $1.3 only to spend three times that renovating it!?!?). Here's an example at 240 West 123rd Street. The roof is gone, rainwater seeps into the adjacent buildings, and the front yard is a rat infested dump (literally). The facade has now come crashing down (for the second time) causing the police to decorate with yellow caution tape. Worse: The owner RENTS across the street and is indifferent." There are a few DOB complaints registered over the past couple days complaining about the crumbling structure. [CurbedWire Inbox]

HELL'S KITCHEN?The battle between developer Kent Swig and the rent-stabilized tenants, market-rate tenants, condo buyers and marching bands at his Sheffield 57 building is so out of control that we have no idea what this means or if it's true: "A 7A Proceeding was filed against the owners of the Sheffield57 condo building by the Rent Stabilized Tennants Association. At the first court date on May 29th Swig's atty's got a postponment. As a result of the filing, the judge placed a lien against the building. The next trial date is scheduled for June 19th. Stay tuned." Ah yes, the famed 7A. They have good brunch, right? [CurbedWire Inbox]