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Stuy Town Relaunches, Doesn't Trust Anyone Over 30

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Wall-mounted flatscreen? Check. Crazy modern furniture? Check. Wet bar? Check. Pool table? Check. Digitized versions of the young and beautiful? Check. But the above rendering is not the tenants' lounge in some newfangled Financial District condo building marketed by Shvo or Core or some other hip brokerage. Nope, it's rental-only Stuyvesant Town! Following up a dramatic week that saw newish landlord Tishman Speyer offer a sneak peek at some new facilities planned for the old middle-class housing project, the full reveal is now laid out on the relaunched Stuy Town website.

In addition to the new movie theater and children's play room, the tenants' lounge and a library/media center make their debut. You won't find anyone over 30 in these designs, but you will find ABC Carpet & Home and Katz's listed as neighborhood amenities (though both are a good 20-minute walk away) and some of the worst basketball fundamentals ever rendered. Also, the new and more expensive Modern apartments designed by Cetra/Ruddy are now mixed in with the apartment renderings. And that's not all! There are a lot of legal bills to pay, and it looks like Tishman Speyer has bumped up the market-rate rents. The new minimum is $2,900/month, whereas the website said "from $2,750" fairly recently. Can the kids afford it?
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