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'Hail Mary' for Brooklyn's Threatened Green Church?

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One given over the last few years is that somewhere in New York City there will be an ongoing battle to save an historic church from the wrecking ball. Now that the Battle of St. Saviours in Queens has ended with a agreement to move the church to a new spot and the Fight Over St. Brigid's has concluded with a dramatic rescue, this leaves the War for Green Church as the current ongoing fight. Also known as Bay Ridge United Methodist Church, the building is on land slated to be developed as a condo and the graveyard out back has even been dug up so the tenants could be moved to Queens. Is there hope for "one final Hail Mary"? The Daily News reports that preservationists are "in a desperate scramble to find a buyer willing to save the beloved structure" and say "they are getting closer to finding a match." There are said to be potential buyers and the church's pastor says he's willing to talk to anyone that offers enough money for the property. The deal has to happen quickly, though, as demolition is supposed to start in the next few weeks.
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[Photo courtesy of Right in Bay Ridge]