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Nu Hotel Ready to Face Off Against Ye Olde Hotel on Smith St.

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One thing that can be said about the Nu Hotel, which is supposed to be opening in July on Smith Street in the same building as the 75 Smith condo, is that some guests will be able to lounge in hammocks and that many will have picture postcard views of a different kind of accommodation. Also some of the rooms at the Nu will apparently have bunk beds, just like the jail across the street. It doesn't look like the Nu Hotel has set prices yet, as the reservation page just produces error messages, but it's safe to say that it'll be a lot more expensive than its friend across the street from which checking out was always a lot harder. The hotel's website says that "Nu Hotel is a lifestyle hotel in the heart of downtown Brooklyn that is designed with physical comfort in mind – like wearing your favorite t-shirt with a beloved pair of jeans. The Nu Hotel will have 93 rooms, be operated by Hersha Hospitality and probably have much better room service than its neighbor, protests about whose pending reopening and expansion are ongoing. The Hersha website said it will open in July but the hotel's site just says "Summer."
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