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Curbed Inside: The Clocktower Residences at One Hanson

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Curbed Inside visits the interior of a structure with an eye towards revealing the design and architecture. Got a place for us to check out? Drop a line.

A lot of people in Brooklyn know One Hanson Place as the Williamsburgh Saving Bank Building, the tallest building in the borough and a place associated with dental work. Most of the drilling the last couple of years has been from the huge redo that has brought the tower back as a condo, the upper floors of which offer killer views of Brooklyn. The building is about 80 percent sold and people started moving into it in January. The ninth through nineteenth floors are currently occupied with all work slated to wrap up by the end of the summer. Was it just a couple of years ago we were sneaking into the website?

The Clocktower Residences, the priciest of the One Hanson units at the very top of the building, came on the market recently at prices ranging from $3.995 million to $5.875 million. There are eight apartments up there. Six of them occupy a full floor and two are duplexes. The unit here is 29-A, the first to be completed. It is a 4BR, 3.5 bath unit that clocks in at 3,243 square feet. It's priced at $4,775,000 and offers 360 views of all of Brooklyn's splendor from Downtown and Gowanus to Bay Ridge and Coney Island. Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island and New Jersey are all available in the distance too.
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