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Should Health Insurance Be Part of Coney Discussion?

Remember those rides that developer Joe Sitt brought to land he had cleared in Coney Island as part of the "Summer of Hope." It could be that the "hope" is faith that the rides will remain in one piece. Today's Post offers an unsettling opinion from a safety expert who says the rides "are so dangerous, they should be closed down." This is not to be confused with a report a few weeks ago that the Cyclone, which is operated by Astroland, was causing some injuries and is in no way connected to the problems with the boardwalk, which has been causing average trip-and-fall injuries due to its crappy condition. Also, it is totally unrelated to the "unfortunate accident" in which the dude fell through the floor of the bathroom at Rubys on the boardwalk and emerged covered in crap dirt. In any case, an amusement safety consultant the Post hired "said that if it were up to him, he would padlock a fairground set up on land on Coney Island owned by developer Joseph Sitt." The rides have passed city inspections. In the meantime, a bit further down the boardwalk, there are questions about the Cyclones, who City Comptroller William Thompson says owe nearly $130,000 for underreported attendance and special-event income. Perhaps the Park Slope Moms want to make sure their health insurance is paid up in time for Stroller Night at the ballpark, lest the Stroller Olympics be marred.
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