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On the Market: A Dakota Duo to Put 15 CPW to Shame

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There are currently two 10-room apartments in the legendary Dakota building up for sale, which has the Times' Josh Barbanel wondering: shouldn't all the richies going nuts over 15 Central Park West be lining up to buy in the real thing? If 15 CPW is an imitation of buildings like the Dakota, and 15 CPW is currently the ultimate trophy home, then what is the Dakota? It's art, says Brown Harris Stevens' John Burger, and whether or not you agree with him, the pair of on-the-market co-ops at 1 West 72nd Street are certainly priced like masterpieces. Burger's listing is the pricier of the two, at $24 million. The sixth-floor apartment has four bedrooms, four wood-burning fireplaces, a 16-foot-long gallery and a huge corner living room. In the same line but two floors lower is a similar apartment priced at $18.5 million. The reason we spotlighted the latter in the gallery above is because it definitely has the pricier apartment beat in terms of "Dakotaness," meaning what we would expect from a sprawling home in the iconic 1880s building where Rosemary's Baby was filmed. Try that pedigree on for size, 15 CPW!
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15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023