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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: The Gansevoort Ralphs

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1) If actor Ralph Fiennes is going to buy a pied-a-terre in Manhattan, it has to be something classy sounding. And something about the Gansevoort, the condo loft building dangerously close to MePa at 321 West 13th Street, just sounds very dignified and British, doesn't it? He paid $2 million for a 1,220sqft apartment currently configured as a 1BR (with a big curtain, right), getting a 4.8% discount of the listing price. We're not really into the bathroom placement, but he was in Strange Days so all is forgiven. [The Real Deal]

2) The Hasselbecks, and by that we of course mean The View co-host Elisabeth and NFL journeyman Tim, bought a four-bedroom apartment in the Ariel West on the UWS for over $3 million, but what became of their smaller, older place on West 79th Street? They made a quick buck off of it, selling for $1.6 million after purchasing it for under $1 million in 2005. [Gimme Shelter]

3) He doesn't think twice about making important decisions, so when author Malcolm Gladwell laid his eyes on a fourth-floor apartment in an old townhouse at 23 Bank Street, he jumped on it, even though he already has a third-floor apartment in an old townhouse on nearby Bethune Street. His latest acquisition cost him $1.5 million. [The Real Estate]