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It Happened One Weekend: 61 Fifth Avenue Growing, Luxury Rental Freebies, More!

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1) There are more details on 61 Fifth Avenue, the former Schrafft's luncheonette (in a previous life) that was gutted by fire two years ago and then recently sold: "Now the architect Alta Indelman says she is working on a design for a 10-story apartment house with one triplex, three duplexes and ground-floor retailing. She said that she had considered trying to salvage some of the Schrafft's facade but that it was too far gone." Something tells us this one may not go down without a fight. [Streetscapes/Schrafft's]

2) With the luxury rental market softening, developers are offering incentives to lure new tenants. Not really news (see: The Ludlow), but new Curbed favorite Dwell on Wall is offering to pay brokers' fees and toss in two free months' rent, and fellow FiDi building 20 Exchange Place is paying brokers' fees, not asking for security deposits, adding one free month of rent and a pet spa appointment for Rover on move-in day. ['Luring Affluent Renters in Manhattan']

3) That Jersey City market better hold, because the developers who turned the American Can Company factory into the Canco Lofts are now planning to condoize the rest of the property. That means more than 1,100 new units being brought to market, on top of the 200 already put up for sale (60 have sold). Cross your fingers! [In the Region/'Ambitions Expand at Canco Lofts']

4) We all know Harlem's Fitzgerald is a conversation piece, and now there's something new to talk about regarding the West 117th Street condo conversion: the developers have begun issuing mortgages directly to buyers who are suddenly on the outs in getting approved for bank loans. ['No Mortgage? Try Theirs']

5) More 20-something market-raters move to Stuy Town with troublesome dog in tow. Hijinx ensue. [The Hunt/'Life After Tenements']

6) There's still a company in Soho making those rolling wooden ladders that book stores and libraries use. But how have they survived in shit-hot Soho? Simple, they own their Howard Street building, and they are Jil Sander's landlord. Talk about the old meeting the new! [The City/'Ladders of Memory']

61 Fifth Avenue

61 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY