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CurbedWire: Possibly Toxic Burg Lot Gets Dug, Al Sharpton & Curtis Sliwa Digs the Nets

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WILLIAMSBURG?Things are moving quickly at Bedford Avenue's Urban Legend Lot, which was previously a parking lot and, before that, the site of manufacturing uses that left it with some toxic issues. A tipster sends the photo above of ground being broken and also writes: "There was some digging today at the site on the corner of Bedford and N12/N11. If neighborhood lore is even partially true, that is a very toxic site. It is also close to (among many things) where my community garden has been growing away for the past decade...The site was an ink factory for the treasury, and the ink products left serious contamination in the soil? Supposedly it was to be capped and left still for several years? Also, that site was allowed higher density in the rezoning, perhaps to provide additional benefits to whomever would clean it up and develop there?" An eight-story Karl Fischer with 180 units is going on the site. [CurbedWire Inbox]

DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN?We also had Rev. Al Sharpton pegged as a Knicks fan, but it turns out he's into the Nets. He and Curtis Sliwa will be among those at Brooklyn Day, a Forest City Ratner-sponsored rally for Atlantic Yards tomorrow. Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn finds it interesting enough that it's been emailing around the Ratner press release announcing the event. [CurbedWire Inbox]