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Brooklyn Streets 'Overrun with Rude Toddlers & Doting Parents'

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Remember that splendiferous banya in Brighton Beach with the shark hanging above the pool? Well, Flatbush Pigeon, the blog from when the banya goodness came, has an email from a reader that "met a very nice Russian man" there. Actually the note deals with the whole Old Brooklyn vs. New Brooklyn social dynamic, assuming it's real:

I am a widow living on a fixed pension. I have been forced by the influx of young people who have no respect for the lonely, infertile, and elderly to change my way of living. In the old days-I could get a real nice curl and dye (blueish silver) job, show some cleavage and I was garranteed a date to Lundy's. Now I can't even show my wares because the streets are over-run with rude toddlers and doting parents who feel their lives are more important than us natives. There is no room for me or my friends on the side walks anymore. We use to sit with sun visers, folding chairs and play cards. That is all over. I am writing because I did go to the baths you recommended and met a very nice Russian man and things are starting to look up again.Ah, Lundy's, which is being converted to a food market as we speak.
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