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Lengthy East Village Mansion Battle Ends, Almost

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When last we left the five-story tenement building at 47 East 3rd Street, both the building's owner and the rent-stabilized tenants had launched rival websites to defend their actions. The owners, a well-to-do young family looking to settle down, wanted to evict everyone and convert the 15-unit building into a massive single-family mansion. The tenants, some of whom have lived in the building for decades, were fighting like hell to prevent that from happening. Now, a year later, the Post reports that the state's highest court has sided with the landlords. They have actually already turned a large portion of the building into one apartment, and were fighting the six holdouts (leading to some awkward hallway banter, surely). This saga has been going on since 2003, and despite the decision, it may take up to two years to evict the remaining tenants. The owners still have to prove in Housing Court that they intend on using the apartments for themselves. Original plans for the mansion called for a library, gym and nanny's suite, amongst other flashy details. So, how long before they flip it?
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