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Building Collapse Betting Pool: Collateral Damage Edition

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That nice new building in the middle of the photo above is recent Development Du Jour Gramercy 145, at Lexington Avenue between 29th and 30th Streets. Looks great, right? Well, those looks didn't come without a price. In a pair of postings on blog Welcome to Murraytown, we see a number of photos of Gramercy 145's neighbors at 147 and 141 Lexington Avenue. Both look a little worse for wear. We're not saying that the construction of all those sunrooms at 145 had anything to do with cracking façades next door, but we are saying that looking at these pictures makes us a little nervous to ever step foot in Murray Hill. Which, actually, is no different than any other day. No complaints or imminent warnings on the Buildings Department website, so we're filing this one under "a cautious eye."
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