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Oopsie: Greenwich Hotel's Penthouse is Illegal

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Just because Robert De Niro put Tribeca on the map of mainstream America, that doesn't mean he can push the neighborhood around. So sayeth the Landmarks Preservation Commission, which now realizes that the top-floor addition to De Niro's Greenwhich Hotel does not match the approved design. LPC spokeswoman Elisabeth de Bourbon told Rush & Molloy: "We approved the addition of a seventh story in November 2004. Yet the structure that was built is steeper and its footprint bigger, making it significantly more visible [from the street] than originally allowed." Is that why the opening of the hotel was greeted with such an iron fist? They didn't want anyone to notice the chicanery? De Niro's team will now head to the commission on June 17 to try and get the structure retroactively approved. While it's not likely, the LPC could demand that the top floor be torn down. After all, they've done it before in Tribeca.
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