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Orchard Street's Addition to 'Endangered' LES

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It's easy to mock the current state of the Lower East Side, and we do, often. Every empty lot is sprouting into a boutique hotel, and the luxury rental buildings urge prospective tenants to party like a rockstar. Still, in an effort to save what's left of the neighborhood's character, the city is preparing a major rezoning that would limit building heights, and a campaign has kicked off to spotlight the area's endangered history. Which makes the timing of Vanishing New York's update on a new building sprouting at 30 Orchard Street especially amusing. Against that backdrop of all that LES overdevelopment backlash, we catch out first glimpse of Ogawa/Depardon Architects' rising creation, a (mid-block!) 12-story condo building that looks like an oversized game of Jenga. Per the architects, 30 Orchard Street will have 13 apartments, including a pair of duplex penthouses. Heating costs should be low, as the apartments will be warmed by the angry stares of area preservationists.
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30 Orchard Street

30 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002