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Greenpoint Lights Up Sewage Plant, Serves Crap Cake

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[Photo courtesy of chicapoquita/flickr]

Where would we be without Greenpoint? Yesterday evening, there was a big ceremony at the park in the massive sewage treatment plant on Newtown Creek to light up the gigantic sewage "digester eggs" that have inspired many "what the F are those?" reactions from the uninitiated. There were speeches. There was a cake with a picture of the sewage treatment plant on it. There were blue floodlights lighting up the big eggs that tower over the Greenpoint landscape. Miss Heather writes:

Rockefeller Center can keep its Christmas tree. Times Square can take that glorified bucky ball they roll out New Year’s Eve and shove it. People from the Empire State Building observation deck will be able to gaze upon our festively colored sewage treatment plant every night. Forever. We have, my fellow Greenpointers, finally arrived!Smells like Greenpoint spirit.
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