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Party Report: The Renwick Switches Sides

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Our thoughts on tiny little Renwick Street in Hudson Square are well known, so we're very curious how sales will turn out at Renwick's new crop of luxury developments. Let's turn our attention now to architect Ismael Leyva's creation at 15 Renwick Street, the all-glass 13-story condo building named The Renwick. The project was originally set to hit the market via Core Marketing Group, but the developers apparently changed their minds, because Elliman is now driving this puppy. Accompanying the new-look website and sales office opening was last night's launch party, quite lavish for a soirée held under a tent on Renwick Street. The Patrick McMullan Agency was brought in to document the night, and some of those photos are above. Hey, who's that guy with the big smile posing next to the model? Why, it's Ismael Leyva himself, father of YVES. And, therefore, our hero. Lookin' good, Ish!
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15 Renwick Street

15 Renwick Street, New York, NY