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Development Du Jour: NV 101 N 5

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Location: 101 N. 5 Street, Williamsburg
Size: 40 one-, two- and three-bedroom condos
Prices: Released units range from $515,000 to $1.5M
Architect: Karl Fischer
Developer: Morton Group Inc.
Sales & Marketing: The Developers Group

NV 101 N. 5 whose early marketing campaign followed a Roman numeral themes is the latest Hot Karl Fischer-designed condo to hit the market in the Burg. The building boasts (in true Fischer Fashion) "advanced architectural principles," while the lobby is "a paragon of design connoisseurship." The amenity list is not as long as that in some of the newer Burg buildings, but it does include lounge, 24-hour fitness room and a "virtual" doorman, the latter possibly being the reason it has no Fresh Direct fridge in the lobby. The building is at N. 5 and Berry, putting it a block from Bedford Avenue and a block from the happening strip on N. 6 Street. The website pushes the Burg itself, which is full of "epicurean delights, shopping and green spaces," among other things that range from "Polish bakeries pumping out that fresh bread smell to skateboard specialty shops with their faint emanations of punk rock." Punk rock and Karl Fischer. Perfect together in a Ramones and John Varvatos way.

nV Williamsburg

101 North 5th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11249