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Curbed PriceChopper: Sloppy Seconds

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Then: $6,395,000
Now: $5,995,000
You Save!: $400,000

The celeb-friendly lofts at 30 Crosby Street in Soho turn over more quickly than an East Village restaurant space. Except, of course, for Lenny Kravitz's penthouse. That's his, always and forever. The above listing for a wide-open 4,164 condo in the building looks like?based on some old photos?Courtney Love's old place. She reportedly sold it back in February '06 for around $5.25 million. This listing has been on the market since February '08, and was just chopped a couple of days ago. Does the new owner think they can make a quick buck off the Courtney cachet (she has cachet, right?), or are they just looking to recoup the costs of fixing the damages caused by the gurney?
· Listing: 30 Crosby Street [Corcoran]

UPDATE: We've heard that this listing is for apartment #3A, which is actually the one directly below Courtney Love's former abode, #4A. Living under Courtney Love?now that must have been interesting.

30 Crosby Street

30 Crosby Street, New York, NY