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Burg Snags Mini-Celebrity Who Digs 'Fabulous-Looking People'

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Williamsburg's Robert Scarano and Karl Fischer-designed condos haven't had much luck snagging a ton of big celebrities (well, there is Agyness Deyn the Gretsch Building), but it has now snagged an almost-celebrity: Christian Siriano of Project Runway. And, he does love our Burg. The winner of Season 4 of the Bravo series tells the Sun that the Burg just sort of happened while he was looking for a spot in Chelsea or downtown, but he likes it. "There's a great little park around here that's like a mini Central Park," he tells the Sun. "On the weekends it's just full of fabulous-looking people on their fabulous bikes." It's unclear whether he's talking about East River State Park, where park rangers force immediate dismounting from bikes, or more laid back McCarren Park. In either case, however, "a mini Central Park"? As for his own building, which is next to a big construction site and also houses the sales office for 80 Metropolitan, he says he was turned off by the "graffiti-covered exterior," but was sold once he saw the interiors. Fierce, if not ferosh.
· Hot Fashion Designer Claims 'Fierce' Williamsburg Loft [Sun]