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Is Atlantic Yards Rally About 'Fun' or More Subsidies?

The Atlantic Yards Battle heats up again today with a rally at Borough Hall in Downtown Brooklyn that will feature, among others, Rev. Al Sharpton and Curtis Sliwa. So, why is it taking place? Forest City Ratner, which is sponsoring the event, says it's being done because "We thought it would be a fun day." It does, after all, coincide with Brooklyn-Queens Day. (To refresh the memory on the big day: It's a Protestant holiday first celebrated in 1829 to commemorate the founding of the First Sunday School on Long Island that is marked on the first Thursday in June and is very important to the Nets, but not the Knicks.) Today's Sun, however, reports that some people suspect it may be a prelude to seeking more public money for the project as the developer is "working on finalizing the affordable housing component with the city and the state." Earlier reports of the Atlantic Yards Stall had some of the affordable housing delayed. Interestingly, a Daily News ad promoting the rally shows a Barclays Bank logo on redesigned "Building One" (aka the former Miss Brooklyn).
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