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Here Komes Karl: Lower East Side Goes Searching for Fischer

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As our tipster puts it, the Lower East Side's Ridge Street is "the buffer between the crazed condo dwellers that don't go past Clinton Street and the projects that start one block over on Pitt." This border zone has already been targeted for "luxury" development once, giving us the precious gem known as River Ridge. Now, the block has officially hit the big time, with an entry from Curbed's very own Karl Fischer, the BEST ARCHITECT EVER also known for solving the world's political conflicts. It's been a big couple of months for Mr. Fischer, who is climbing out of his Williamsburg/Long Island City comfort zone and spreading the Hot Karl love to areas like Greenwich Village and Park Slope. In this case, per Buildings Department records, it looks like the corner of Stanton and Ridge Streets is getting an eight-story residential building with 53 units. Remarks our tipster, "When we moved in, there wasn't even a traffic light (or street light for that matter) at Ridge and Stanton, now there's Karl Fischer." We love a happy ending!
· Application: 145 Ridge Street/196 Stanton Street [DOB]
· Karl Fischer Architect [Official Site of Awesomeness]