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DOB's Chief Crane Inspector Arrested for Corruption

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The Buildings Department's acting chief crane inspector was arrested today on corruption charges. The arrest comes a week after a crane collapse on East 91st Street killed two construction workers, and after the district attorney's office launched an investigation into the accident. City Room is reporting that he was charged with taking bribes to approve cranes, and for taking money from operators who wanted to ensure they would pass the licensing exam. James Delayo surrendered this morning and will be arraigned later tonight. Officials say the accusations do not involve the inspections of tower cranes, such as the one that collapsed last week and the one in Turtle Bay that collapsed on March 15, when a crane inspector was arrested and charged with falsifying reports.

Acting DOB Commissioner Robert LiMandri just issued this statement: "I'm outraged by today’s news. Employees who violate our Code of Conduct tarnish the reputation of our many hard-working employees at the Buildings Department. I’d like to thank Commissioner Rose Gill Hearn and her staff for their swift action. There is much work to be done with the Cranes & Derricks Unit, and we are in the midst of a full operational overhaul. Our number one priority is to ensure the Department’s staff conduct their jobs with the utmost integrity as we continue to forge ahead with our reforms."
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