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Reader Rant: Lay Off My Recycling, Sanitation Department

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It's Friday, when the anger of the work week boils over in advance of the full release of the weekend. Mix that with the combustible nature of NYC's sanitation services, and we've got a freaking powder keg on our hands. OK, not really, but we love a good Friday reader rant, and we also love this person's thoughts on garbage:

I live in Manhattan on East 28th Street, and in the past two weeks an agent from Sanitation has taken to ticketing individual residents of our building for mixed recycled. Myself, I'm rather outraged at this--this is NYC after all, where one woman's trash is another one's field day. We all know that once trash is out, it seems to become public property, and rifling through it is a past time not exclusive to the homeless. To carefully monitor the state of the trash, once one has dutifully separated and then disposed of it in the proper receptacles, seems unduly harsh. The logic and rational of writing summons to individual apartment dwellers (NOT even the Landlord) for mixed trash is akin to fining one for being a New Yorker, in essence a hidden tax. I did as any self-respecting NYer would, I made a complaint to 311. Astonishingly, John Doherty, the Sanitation Dept. Commissioner, called me back to respond within half an hour!! He was so concerned and polite and apologetic. Although he couldn't "rip up" the ticket, as he'd lose his job, he said he would speak with the agent. And then yesterday, there was another ticket on our door, for another resident for mixed recyclables. It's infuriating especially as it's long been common knowledge that the city doesn't actually recycle!! It mixes it all back together!! SO, I ask, is it just me, just my building or is this becoming a pervasive issue citywide?

Just what we needed to push us through this afternoon: a recycling conspiracy theory!