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Remembering 'Brooklyn Day': Fun or Forced?

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[Photo courtesy of Brit in Brooklyn]

The "Brooklyn Day" Atlantic Yards rally sponsored by Forest City Ratner happened yesterday afternoon. Curtis Sliwa showed and spoke, but Rev. Al Sharpton was said to have been stuck in transit trying to get back to New York and was a no show. The developer's crowd estimate, quoted in the Daily News was 3,000 and it jumped to 3,500 in the Post, but Atlantic Yards Report noted it might actually have been 2,000 and suggested that it included people shopping at the Greenmarket. Many people working in the area might have been drawn by free food and Nets freebies. As for the party-like atmosphere, AYR writes:

Despite decent weather, free t-shirts, a full-page ad in the Daily News, an E-newsletter, requests from union bosses to attend, and promises of free food, free transportation, and “international recording artist Maxi Priest,” the disparate and soon-diminished crowd was often subdued, even bored, and a passel of Forest City Ratner operatives monitoring the event looked somber, despite the billing as a “fun day.”There are big photo sets of the event here and here.
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