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Weekend Open House Tour: A Seaport Summer

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What is it about the summer that makes us think about the South Street Seaport area? Maybe it's the proximity to the water, or the free outdoor concerts, or the Spiegeltent (is that around this year?) or the mental image of melted ice cream dripping down tourists' faces. Or maybe it's only in the summer when we find historic buildings named after buttons and pens and cloth especially charming. Whatever it is, for this week's tour, we thought we'd get as close to the Seaport area as possible. It's an area in transition, with the World Trade Center and promised renovation work on various piers coming, but suffering multiple delays. But hey, at least those sweet waterfall views are coming soon! The bonus game for this week's edition is guessing which of these apartments is about to have a 76-story neighbor.
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