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'Die Hard Yuppie Scum' Protest the Latest in Bowery Hijinx

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Last week, a couple of notable (maybe?) East Villagers created a bit of a stir when they announced they were protesting Bruce Willis's Bowery Wine Co., because the newish spot had recently hosted a New York Young Republicans Club gathering. The protest would be against "right-wing Republicans opening yuppie wine bars in our neighborhood," they said. We assumed the story would just go away and the protest would never happen (inspiration often yields to procrastination when you get below 14th Street), but sure enough, a Curbed tipster sent in this photo of a flyer posted in the 'hood. Now, it's not only Bruce Willis and Republicans in the crosshairs, but also real estate developers and landlords in general. Will anyone actually show to this thing? Given that it's a Friday night at 8pm, all of the Bowery will have probably decamped to their Hamptons homes already.
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