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Development Du Jour: 350 West Broadway

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Location: 350 West Broadway btwn Broome/Grand
Size: Eight full-floor units
Prices: $9.575 million to $10.995 million (only three units released so far)
Architects: Moed de Armas & Shannon and SLCE
Developer: RFR
Sales & Marketing: Mary Ellen Cashman at Stribling

This prime piece of Soho property has had an interesting recent history, first as a planned Ian Schrager hotel and then as a steel beam installation. Schrager partner Aby Rosen apparently decided that the (weakning?) high-end condo market could handle eight more fabulously expensive apartments, and so, we have 350 West Broadway, with massive "Park Avenue inspired layouts" and lavish interiors by William T. Georgis. Since this is an Aby Rosen joint, the emphasis is, as always, on art. The lobby will have a ceramic installation by Peter Lane, bronze door pulls by Michele Oka Doner and a painting by (har!) George Condo. The "pre-war meets downtown" thing has been done, most recently at 211 Elizabeth, but the bells and whistles and names involved make this an absolute blockbuster. It's time to shake out those couch cushions and collect those loose euros.

350 West Broadway (Real Estate For Sale)

350 West Broadway, New York, New York 10013