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Curbed PriceChopper: Everything Left at Park Slope's Crest

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Then: $564,000
Now: $499,000
You Save: $69,000!

The most interesting thing about the new PriceChops on the remaining units at the Crest in Park Slope may not be what they'll do move the rest of the inventory in the building, but what they'll do to its friend just down the block, the Novo Park Slope. Novo itself has seen major buzz saw action and, worse still, is beset by delays in allowing buyers in that they are on the verge of mutiny. The tipster who brought our attention to the PriceChops listed on Streeteasy writes:

Whenever there was a Novo discussion, Crest always came up as a convenient comparison. Looks like they are ready to put it to sleep once and for all by attempting to clear out the remaining inventory with a wave of pricechop. If the chop succeeds in selling out the building before Novo even gets its C of O, it'd be another straw on Novo contract holders' backs.There are currently eight units in Choppage, included 11H, whose $69,000 hair cut is noted above. Timber.
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