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Dead Guy's House Gets Prime Park Views

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[Photos: Will Femia]

The Grange!!! After month's of planning and a pinch of controversy, Alexander Hamilton's 206-year-old Harlem country home was finally wheeled from its cramped spot on Convent Avenue, down West 141st Street and onto its new plot at the northwest corner of St. Nicholas Park. The Times' David Dunlap writes that the Grange was moved with "surpassing dignity and surprising agility," which sounds a lot like our last girlfriend?Hi-yo! The trip took nearly four hours, at blistering speeds of about .04 mph. After a restoration by the National Park Service, the Grange will be reopened next year, when it can go back to being nearly forgotten except for the occasional mandatory field trip. Nah, just kidding, Grangey. We love ya!
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