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It Happened One Weekend: Crane Guy Has All the Answers

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1) James Delayo, the Buildings Department crane inspector arrested on Friday for taking bribes and selling copies of a crane operators' exam, was released on his own recognizance after appearing in court. The charges against him include bribe-receiving and tampering with public records, both felonies that could carry seven year prison terms (and can we tack on some extra time for wearing a bandana as a belt?). The 26-year DOB veteran, who was promoted following the March 15 crane collapse that killed seven, allegedly took money in exchange for issuing licenses to Class C crane operators (smaller than the tower cranes that have been falling on the city) that worked for Nu-Way Crane Service in Copiague. Delayo has been suspended without pay. ['Top City Crane Inspector Accused of Taking Bribes'/NYT]

2) When the moneyed citizens of the Upper East Side aren't busy fighting churches, they turn their attention to those banners that the Department of Transportation hangs on lampposts to advertise things going on in New York. One staunch blue blood even refers to them as "dirty laundry." [The City/Gregory Beyer]

3) A graphic designer who grew up in Soho wants to move out of his parents' Broome Street loft, but his budget is $300,000. With not many places to turn, he opts for a studio on the Far West Side near the Lincoln Tunnel and West Side Rail Yards. It reminds him of the Soho of his youth, he says, and he digs the seediness and drug addicts. [The Hunt/Joyce Cohen]

4) Want to sell your apartment eventually? Then don't put any of your personality into it whatsoever. Yeesh, does anybody look at a home as a home anymore, and not just an investment? ['Start in Neutral'/Teri Karush Rogers]

5) The Times tries to dress up this piece on a Hunts Point strip club by labeling it an "urban study" and adding a pop culture hook (it's called BadaBing, a la The Sopranos), but it's still very very naughty. We'd love to see Gregory Beyer's expense report from that night. [The City/Gregory Beyer]

6) Sheepshead Bay's new gated community, called the Breakers, has locals pissed off because the developers have blocked-off access to the water (right). It turns out that the road is private property, so the community board is trying to enlist City Planning to find a way to thwart the developers. [The City/Alex Mindlin]

7) The Chinatown bus wars may come to an end, if the local police precinct gets its way and shuts down the Forsyth Street stop where the buses idle. Here's an article about the subject that's longer than a Fung Wah ride to Boston. [The City/Saki Knafo]

8) One of Manhattan's newest landmarks, the Calvert Vaux-designed fiery red-brick building at 307 East 12th Street in the East Village, has a very interesting history as a home for orphaned girls, and later as home to a quack. [Streetscapes/Christopher Gray]