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On the Racked: New Amsterdam Market, Chocolate Bar E. Village, McCarren Pool Gossip, More

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1) FiDi: The New Amsterdam Market outside one of the old Fulton Fish Market buildings at South Street Seaport is looking great with much good stuff to be had. There's a photo gallery here at Racked and there's a really food-focused one over at Eater as well.

2) East Village: After being forced out of the West Village storefront they called home for six years due to landlord issues, Racked reports that sweet shop Chocolate Bar reopened today on East 7th Street and is offering a "Meet the Neighbors Special" involving some half-price coffee and free chocolate.

3) Midtown: You would think that an invite only shoe sale with prices starting at $500 and a VIP list at the door wouldn't have a line, but Racked has clear visual evidence that it does.

4) Williamsburg: British retailer Topshop is going to be working McCarren Pool for promo purposes in advance of opening its Soho store. The marketing stuff we understand, but what's this business about putting "McCarren gossip" on its blog?