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What Nelson's Been Hiding All This Time

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Find a hatch, and usually there's something interesting behind it. We learned that from Lost, but it's especially true in the Garment District, where the rooftop of the 46-story Art Deco Nelson Tower at 450 Seventh Avenue is protected by a hatch, and a ladder, and more. Writes The Cleverest:

While taking pictures for an upcoming project I found myself at one of New York's most visible yet rarely visited landmarks. I say rarely visited because in order to get there you need to take two elevators, enter a private penthouse office, climb up a 20 foot vertical ladder, have the building's super struggle to push aside a wooden hatch cover for 5 minutes, and prop a workman’s ladder against a 12 foot parapet.
But oh, what a view! Above, our heroes prepare to scale the parapet to bring us some view porn. Do check out the results, and head over to The Cleverest for more.
· The journey to and view from Manhattan’s Nelson Tower [The Cleverest]