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New Park Slope Menace: Playground Proselytizing

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For those who enjoy keeping track of Park Slope issues, today's is certain to be of interest: the return of the annual threat of fundamentalist proselytizers going to local playground and asking the kiddies if they've "accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior." We're not sure what the age cutoff on the question is, but guessing that five or six might be threshold? From the always interesting Park Slope Parents email list comes the complaint of Playground Proselytization:

FYI, the fundamentalist Christian groups are back for the season proselytizing to children without parents consent in our playgrounds. Last year CEF handed out candy and coloring books but asked the kids first if they accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior. This national para-church (CEF, Child Evanglism Fellowship comes to urban playgrounds through local church sponsorship with the sole purpose of converting children.Little ones of Park Slope, beware. They are coming for you. On the other hand, if one had to choose playground menaces, would it be wet 'n wild gyrating nannies or bible-bearing proselytizers?
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