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Park It in Gowanus: Slope Parking Dream Coming to an End

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Another couple of weeks and Park Slope residents won't have the suspension of alternate side parking to kick around. Some have complained that it's made it harder to park. Others have suggested it has led to "filth" in the streets. But an awful lot of people have said that neither has been too bad and that it's been great fun not having to move the car around. Late yesterday, however, the city announced the end to the parking holiday on July 14, way earlier than it was originally supposed to end. The good news is that it will be coming to Gowanus, Boerum Hill and Carroll Gardens starting July 6, which will probably enjoy the parking holiday through Labor Day. The rules have been suspended so that all the parking signs can be changed to reflect new days and times. (The time's been reduced from three hours to 90 minutes; in some areas the cleaning days will be cut from twice a week to once a week.) The next complaint from the Slope is likely to be about the changes themselves, of which there are many. Meanwhile, we have faith they'll take this in stride in Gowanus and that there won't be a rush to park cars on streets where something left for many weeks is stripping and burning bait, but will Carroll Gardens be as cranky as Park Slopers about parking problems and filth?
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