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Latest Hotel Chelsea Artwork is Meta, Chocolatey

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Yesterday, we mentioned that a fellow named Andrew Tilley will be the latest brave soul to try to manage the legendary Hotel Chelsea, having to contend with difficult ownership, difficult tenants, etc. Today, Hotel Chelsea blog Living With Legends goes on the offensive, "revealing" Tilley's "schematic" for rehabbing the old bohemian haunt. LWL writes:

As you can see, he plans to renovate the façade significantly – landmarking be damned – and to get rid of that pesky El Quixote, despite their 75-year-lease. Though we had been hoping for a Starbucks, it seems Tilley has come up with an even better idea: an M & Ms Store! Tilley is used to working in Times Square, you see, when he could just pop around the corner at any time for a sugar fix. We’re hoping to get a big, strapping M & M Man Straddling the Chelsea sign, but plans may not have been finalized yet and I certainly don’t want to jinx it.Actually, that's not a bad rendering. Good enough for a new tattoo, anyway.
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