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CurbedWire: 2056 Fifth Avenue Pops the Bubbly

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HARLEM?The journey of 2056 Fifth Avenue has been a long one, including a sudden name change along the way. Surely, with residents set to move in to the former church this month, the occasion is cause for celebration. And celebrate, they will! Corcoran is hosing a Grand Opening party on July 15 from 5-8pm, a pretty decent way to market some of those remaining units. The shindig, in the rooftop penthouse and model apartment (above), is open to the public (!) and will have classy catering and champagne. There will also be prizes. Prizes. [CurbedWire Inbox]

TURTLE BAY?According to the DOB website, the partial stop work order on 212 East 47th Street is still lingering, but that's not slowing the building's sales effort. Per a press release, the Extell development is 90% sold. And buyers in the 35-story building (with 260 total units) have closed on 50% of the units. This is the building with the three design packages that buyers choose from, and poof, their desired finishes appear like magic. Such is the magic of Gary Barnett. [CurbedWire Inbox]