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Awesome Rumor Alert: 34th Street's Giant Windmill

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Some reader-submitted rumors are so staggeringly amazing that they can't be held back for end-of-day CurbedWire or quicklinking. Nay, they must be unleashed on the world immediately where they can climb into your eyeholes and start eating away at your brain. This, friends, is one of those brain-eaters:

A New York city architectural firm is designing a tower with a giant wind turbine for its top. While the windmill's fate is somewhat uncertain in terms of DOB approvals, this 32-story tower on 34th Street is planning on having either a 30-foot-tall vertical-spinning ribbon turbine or a more conventional 30-foot diameter "fan." The developers of the tower (responsible for probably the most obnoxious ad campaign currently on the market) have shown that they are willing to spend money on green features with their past projects. For this project (a hotel), currently being designed for an international franchise, the fan will only provide a green facade. The fan will generate such a minute portion of the building's electricity that it is functionally irrelevant.Up yours, waterfalls! And here is where the speculation starts. In terms of developers who love the "green" thing, we instantly think of the Durst Organization, but what that "most obnoxious ad campaign currently on the market" business is about, we're not sure. But who cares about the guessing game right now? Tur-bine! Tur-bine! Tur-bine!
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