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Lessons in Construction Safety: Williamsburg Edition

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Here's a shot of some falling hunks of brick on Roebling Street in Williamsburg today, sent in by someone who almost had a close encounter with a former piece of wall. The little accident happened at N. 11 St. & Roebling, where a building is being demolished for the expansion of Warehouse 11. Like the original, the expanded version will be a Karl Fischer. Our tipster writes:

The following wall of bricks fell through the construction site wooden wall on Roebling between North 11 and North 10 almost crushing the man in the picture and his 5-yr old son. My wife and 9 month old son were about 10 steps behind them and obviously got pretty disturbed. The workers didn't acknowledge the accident and summarily started cleaning up the mess. Police were called but didn't do anything because no one was hurt, so the only choice was to file a 311 report.Three words, people: cross the street.

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