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Another Jab Thrown in First Round of Seaport Fight

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General Growth Properties' and SHoP Architects' plan for a new South Street Seaport that features new retail buildings, hotels and a 42-story waterfront tower (see it rendered and modeled) isn't beloved by all, of course. And the opposition is starting to make some moves. The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) represents the Seaport's cleaning crews, and they have fired off a letter to Community Board 1 expressing concern about Seaport leaseholder/mall developer General Growth. In the letter, the SEIU targets General Growths' history of seeking public subsidies to finance big projects, and adds, "we are concerned the Seaport will turn from a unique New York treasure enjoyed by all into a private development project paid for by New York City tax dollars." And what a treasure it is! Pier 17, we don't know what we'd do without your As Seen on TV and Sharper Image stores. Read the full letter here...

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