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Now, a Rant About Styrofoam and Robert Scarano

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The Robert Scarano fans out there might recall a post about a building on Humboldt Street in Williamsburg at the foot of a BQE exit ramp that, among other things, raged that it's the "ugliest Scarano building ever" and "a piece of shit." Well, our tipster is back with questions about the styrofoam being used on the building (photos above). There really is nothing to do but let our writer speak:

I posted the rant about The Humboldt a while ago, as that abomination is happening on my block. There is a new development which I have tried to document -- they appear to be insulating the building with large sheets of -- I shit you not! -- STYROFOAM, which also happens to break down into DRIFTS of pop-rock sized granules that are blanketing the block and the back yards (mine included, the better to leach even more toxic crap into my vegetable garden, thank you). I have attached some pictures for you. Is this shit even legal? Not to mention that last week I saw a large orange power cord snaking from the construction site to one of the back yards of another house on the block. Not only are these douchebags defacing the block, apparently they are stealing power from one of the residents (or bribing them to plug something in.) I have witnessed this whole clusterfuck unfold for years and every day there is a new bit of absurdity. Tuesday afternoon a group of Hasidic men were seen conferring on Herbert Street -- later that night the Sanitation Department came and dragged away all the mattresses that a couple of homeless people used on the stoop of the abandoned police station across Herbert from the construction site. I really fail to see where you get off removing the "eyesore" of some poor desperate person's only place to sleep to facilitate the building of a douche-riffic condo out of fucking STYROFOAM with a LOFT-LIVING VIEW!!! of the BQE OFF-RAMP...Bah Humboldt!More mirth to come before the building's done, no doubt.
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