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SoBro Smells Even More Like Crap Than Greenpoint

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Greenpoint residents who think they've got it bad because of their monstrous sewage treatment plant that stinks up the neighborhood have nothing on Hunts Point in the South Bronx. There, the crap smell is so bad that residents are suing, saying the neighborhood smells like (a). a huge fart, (b). rotten eggs and (c). the toilets at Penn Station. One resident says: "I get nauseous, I get headaches, my nose burns." Another says the house smells like someone "is passing gas" or "going to the bathroom." Another described it as smelling "like shit." Hunts Point has not one, but two, sewage-related facilities, providing a kind of stereo olfactory treat. The Hunts Point Water Pollution Control Plant is a city-owned facility that gets sewage from more than 600,000 Bronx residents. The New York Organic Fertilizer Company also has a plant where it takes sludge from 14 of the city’s sewage plants and converts it to fertilizer pellets. The news conference was held at Barretto Point Park, which is between the two plants and happens to be where the Floating Pool is docked for the summer. The Greenpoint plant is getting a huge upgrade and the crap smell there should be gone by about 2013ish.
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