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Tomb of the Union Square Escalators

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Given the amount of time they've remained out of service, we don't think we need to delve into the background of the busted escalators on 14th Street that lead down to the Union Square subway station. Everybody has experience with this comedy of errors, from the escalators being closed off so they can't even be used as stairs, to the droves of people forced to squeeze onto the skinny staircase right next to the escalators, to the MTA's sign that alerts subway riders that the Zeckendorfs (who own the towers above) are responsible for the escalators, not the MTA. The newest chapter could be the most hilarious yet. Per this photo sent in by a Curbed tipster, it appears that the latest solution is to entomb the escalators in sheetrock. Now you'll never be able to use those broken escalators as stairs, frustrated commuter! Mwa ha ha!
· Union Square Escalator Deemed Useless As Stairs [Curbed]

Union Square Park

W 14th Street, New York, NY 10003